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Aims and Objectives


-  The aim is to continue to develop, nurture and promote referees within the boundaries of Worcestershire and Herefordshire FAs respectively with high quality in-service training, education and support

- Support nominated Level 7 through to Level 5 Referees within a newly formed CORE (Centre of Refereeing Excellence) with regular sessions offering high quality advice, education and training 


- Provide dedicated coaching to selected Level 4 Referees within a development group environment with the aim to fully support their progression to Level 3


- Fulfil the aims of the National Referee Development Programmes for Referees seeking promotion to Level 4


- Provide dedicated coaching to selected Level 3 Referees to ensure they maintain and further develop their skills to advance their progression within the National Referee pathway


-  Provide coaching to selected Specialist Assistant Referees to help develop and nurture their skills within the National Leagues

Our team


ollie williams

Referee Development Manager

Ollie joined the Worcestershire Football Association in the Spring of 2013 as a Football Development Officer. He was promoted to the role of Referee Development Manager in July 2017.


Ollie oversees the recruitment and retention of the Association’s referee workforce, the Centre of Refereeing Excellence, and is a tutor for our referee courses and workshops.  Since the beginning of August 2020 Ollie's remiit now combines both Worcestershire and Herefordshire FAs respecitvely.


A specialist Assistant Referee enjoying his fifth season on the English Football League to continue the tradition within the WFA of producing top quality officials at the highest level in the Country.  Ollie extends his role by also working as a Referee Observer on the Contributory and Suppy Leagues when time permits.

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neil radford

Senior Referee Coach

After a successful 13 seasons operating as an Assistant Referee on the English Football League and achieving the status of a level 2B during his Refereeing career, Neils highlight was prestigious at Wembley, appointed as Assistant Referee for the English Football League Trophy Final between Coventry City and Oxford United in 2017. 


Since then Neil has taken the role of coaching some of our most senior officials 

Neil's role for season 2022-23 will encompass support and development of Referees at all levels through training and coaching

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Senior Referee Coach

An active specialist Assistant Referee on the English Football League since 2009 who attained Level 2A status as a Referee.  During his active career appointed as Reserve Assistant Referee on the English Football League Trophy Final at Wembley in 2013, an Assistant Referee on an FA Cup Fourth Round tie and two League 2 Play Off Semi-Finals most recently as 2020.

Marv is the longest serving Referee Coach within the WFA and has been supporting our Level 3 and Level 4 Referees to success since 2010.

Currently supporting two of our Level 4 referees and one Level 3 referee respectively.

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Darren Wilding.jpg


Assistant Referee Coach

Darren is currently enjoying his sixth season as a Specialist Assistant Referee on the English Football League and obtainined the heights earlier in his Refereeing career as a Contributory League Referee.

Darren is a model of our coaching system coming through under the guidance of our Senior Referee Coaches and within our CORE programme.  He is now able to offer his services as a Specialist Assistant Referee Coach supporting Assistants both within the National Conference (North & South) and respective Contributory Leagues

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